Two training seminars “First Aid to Wild Fauna and Networking of Volunteers” of the project “Creation of a Volunteer Network for Care and Infrastructure of First Aid for wild fauna in Crete and Athens”, funded by the A.G. Leventis foundation, took place on the island of Crete during April and June 2018.

The seminars were organized by the University of Crete and the Natural History Museum of Crete in collaboration with ANIMA. Executives of ANIMA visited Crete, in order to inform and educate volunteers and also executives of the administration and involved bodies, for the provision of first aid and nursing of wild animals.

ANIMA’s rapporteurs delivered theoretical and practical first aid courses for the most frequent incidents of wildlife admission to first aid stations and nursing centers (injuries, poisoning, fractures, cleansing of adhesives, oils, petroleum, etc.). A detailed presentation of the methods of treatment, nursing and integration, raising of hatchlings and / or newborns, care of wild animals, etc. was performed.

For their part, the speakers of the Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC) referred to their experience of the process for nursing in Crete and the actions of the Museum that concern the rescue of wild animals found with health problems. Special suggestions were made for the wild fauna of the island and the species that are most frequently admitted for nursing at the NHMC, while advice was given on identifying and handling the animals most likely to be cared by the participants, if they are activated in the nursing process.

The participants had the opportunity to be informed about the threats that the wildlife of the island is facing, the tools to deal with these threats, the practices of other countries, the process of nursing for mammals and birds at risk, the importance of volunteering in the rescue and care of wild animals in need of medical attention and their contribution to the enrichment of our knowledge through civil science. But the main target of the two-day training was to improve the knowledge of volunteers and executives of the competent authorities and bodies involved in any way with the conservation of wildlife, regarding the provision of first aid and nursing to wild animals.

In addition to the presentations, the participants had the opportunity to see live the provision of first aid to birds that are currently treated by the volunteers of the Museum and ANIMA. The attendants of the seminar also had the opportunity to practice in the administration of hydration fluids or medication, narthex placement, broken wings binding and other nursing related activities.


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