Make a donation to ANIMA

Any sum of money, no matter how small, is oF invaluable help to us!

20 € are enough to feed a raptor for a week
50 € are enough to feed a fish-eating bird or 10 small mammals for a month
100 € are enough to provide the medical supplies necessary for an operation on a wounded animal
250 € are enough to feed raptor in the rehabilitation process for a month



Volunteer at ANIMA

Fill in and email the application form below or call ANIMA’s offices at +302109510075

Volunteer Application Form

Our volunteers:

  • Transport wild animals from coach stations, ports and airports to the first aid rescue centre in Kallithea and vice versa.
  • Transport wild animals to the vet.
  • In the case that a citizen of Athens is unable to bring the animal they have found to the rescue centre themselves, the volunteers help with the transportation.
  • If the volunteer lives outside of Athens, they work as correspondents of ANIMA, picking up and sending the wild animals that were found in their area.
  • Are appointed at ANIMA’s kiosks at events that ANIMA organizes or takes part in.
  • Take part in activities in the field (reforestation, tree planting, cleaning of wetlands etc.)
  • Take part in general tasks at the rescue centre in Kallithea (husbandry, secretarial support)

Animals You Can Symbolically Adopt

The birds we present to you are just a small selection of the many that stay with us, and having past the process of surgeries and intensive treatment, are now in the stage were they are preparing to be reintegrated whilst the chicks and hatchlings will be released into the wild. More information about the adoptions is provided on our website, otherwise you can contact ANIMA’s offices either by telephone or electronically.

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