The Wildlife Protection Agency ANIMA was founded in September 2005 and contributes to the ongoing effort to implement important initiatives in the rehabilitation field in Greece. The founding team of ANIMA consist of people with long term and unique experience in the protection of the natural environment and the rehabilitation of wild animals.

This team is made up of vets, environmentalists, foresters, lawyers, skilled technicians and specialized executives in the management of NGOs. ANIMA was founded in response to the need to upgrade and modernize rehabilitation and reintegration of wild animals, according to the international developments and the particular requirements of our country. Alongside this ANIMA organizes and participates in public awareness events aimed at a diverse audience: students, residents of degraded areas, economic migrants etc.

Educators with experience in preschool and school environmental education participate in ANIMA, along with people with long term experience in matters of forest protection such as the recovery and upgrading of forest ecosystems.

ANIMA collaborates with the University of Crete’s Museum of Natural History, with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s School of Veterinary Medicine, with Greek environmental NGOs as well as any other vector that promotes the protection of Greek fauna and flora. ANIMA’s activities are supported by membership subscriptions, the citizens that find and bring in injured or helpless wild animals, and by the donations of companies through corporate social responsibility.

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