Did you find an injured - wounded - depleted wild animal in any region of Greece;

Contact us by phone 2109510075. We will give you the necessary motions instructions and first aid, if the case requires human intervention and will bring you in contact with our nearest partner that the mission of the anima be done with speed and security.

Guide to Birds

birds Quickly find a cardboard box, Pave with newspaper or paper towels, and open the small holes. The carton size must be such that the bird can stand upright, but can not make unnecessary moves.

Grasp the bird with a cloth avoiding beak and claws if predator, nose if heron or gull. Place it inside the box after you give carefully some water in the natural temperature. Leave the box on the quieter side of the house, hot if it is winter and cool if it is summer.

Contact us immediately to give you further instructions. Every other handling the bird of you may be fatal for his life.

Guide for CHICKS

In the Spring and early Summer are very likely to find chicks that look abandoned and want to help.

Be careful, though!

not babies need all our help! Often parents are somewhere around and the best thing to do is to put the baby up somewhere and leave it quiet.

In the cases when you need to intervene, the following information is useful until you contact a Hospital.

The correct instructions save lives!

And do not forget: the goal is always to return the wild creature in its natural space , to rejoin that in the wild. If we keep the pet more than necessary, the reinstatement would be impossible in most cases will have bad end.

In any case, communication with the anima is important.

Guide for CHICKS Predators

In the case of chicks nocturnal (owls, etc.) must be running the event to find their parents. This should be done because, typically, it is not abandoned babies but merely "naughty" prematurely removed from the nest. Most times parents are somewhere around.

If we find such a baby choose a fairly high point of a building or tree, and place it in a natural or artificial nest (hole in the tree or wall or box with hole or cart) .Meta watch dusk if visiting the baby's parents. Most often this method succeeds. Of course it is assumed that we want to address.

In general, all the raptor chicks must be fed only with raw chicken and not with meat or other red meat. After one - two days require mandatory supplements (calcium, etc.) Otherwise the skeleton collapses, which is why we turn to a Hospital. It is also the only way to have the bird rehabilitation possibilities.

Instructions for Swallows - Swift

The choice of food is dry food for growing kittens, which must wet a little time to soften. Ideal for this purpose is KITTEN DEVELOPMENT CHICKEN the PLAN PRO. Alternatively we can feed them sometimes with egg boiled egg. The Swift (swifts) is relatively easy to upbringing and an individual may meet in the process, provided of course they want to. It is necessary not to spoil their wings and do not get dirty, so it must be kept in a cardboard box with constantly clean substrate (paper towels, towel etc.). When the wings in closed attitude overcome at least one centimeter tail, the bird can be released. To release choose an open area without electricity cables and away from the highway and throw the bird to force the air. Caution: In case of raising realize that stops eating with appetite and has some saliva in the mouth should urgently contact the anima .

The chelidonakia defective reintegrate because they are more dependent on their parents than what Swift. When they reach a sufficient size and found to fly, an area with swallows of the same species must be found and freed the bird in phase babies nests have started the first throws and taught by their parents to hunt. So have some chances to emulate and these others of their kind.

Instructions for Sparrows and other seed eaters

These are the most difficult in raising and often die suddenly for no apparent reason .. available commercially, in large pet shop, preparations in powder form made cream and they can to feed the bird using a syringe. The best is to find the composition for raising seed eaters (canaries etc.) But usually available for a corresponding parrots babies (Inexact etc.). Alternative food egg white. Avoid dry cat food although alternatively we can use because they are high in protein.

When the size and shape of their reach is similar to adults, the releasing part gathered many sparrows, preferably away from cats ...

Instructions Kotsyfakia

They have significant mortality. Some grow up fine and other suddenly die. Fed alternately with dry food for growing kittens, egg and exact.

When the size and shape reached is similar to the adult, the releasing near bushes.

Instructions Dekaochtourakia - Peristerakis

Grow fine with exact. Should fill 3-4 times a day their crop with cream.

Instructions Insectivorous (tits, tsalapeteinakia etc.)

In general all insectivorous babies fed with dry food development, which can be fed babies and babies raptors or herons.

These chicks categories it is sent to Hospital, because their reintegration difficult.

Instructions Karakaxakia - Kourounakis - Kissakia

Dry growing food and canned kitten-dogs, eggs, etc.

Frequency feedings

  • When the chicks have closed eyes: every 10 minutes.
  • When the eyes open and rely on hocks: every 20 minutes.
  • When lifted upright: every 30-45 minutes.
  • When starting and jumping around the "nest" means any 1.30-2 hours.

temperature: important!

It is very important to keep a constant temperature in the "nest" of small. The optimal temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius. We can achieve with a reading lamp and an outdoor thermometer to avoid overheating.


Avoid cages, because the wings easily destroyed prefer cartons and baskets, with absorbent substrate. Can use alone or in combination cat litter, newspapers, paper towels and dry grass (suit those sold for bunnies-pet).

Instructions for Turtles

reptiles Often they found deformed turtles from cars or farm machinery with a broken shell. Carefully transfer the animal to not worsen breaking and place it in a cardboard box with many newspapers bottom. If the wound is contaminated with dirt or grass you can rinse with a little warm water. Then cover it with gauze or cloth to prevent contamination by flies and other.

Guide to Mammals

mammals The foxes and ferrets bite bad. Avoid at all costs their teeth. Hedgehogs are less dangerous. Pour over the animal a thick cloth, jacket or blanket. If sufficiently bright, the carton is not suitable. Find a cat or dog transport crate or two plastic "crates of grocer" that will place them on top of each other. For more, call us.

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